The world’s first potato-based visual identity

A unique brand deserves a unique identity – and that was the exact starting point when we set out to give the ‘Ole’s Gård’ brand that special glow.

Visual Identity

Ole’s Gård

Background Image

Sometimes you get to work with truly dedicated people, and Ole is indeed one of those people. At his farm in Jylland, which he hand-built using his own sustainable timber, Ole produces high-quality organic food with homegrown ingredients under the brand name “Ole’s Gård”.

Taking our starting point in Ole’s striking DIY farm-to-fork attitude, we designed a one-of-a-kind visual identity to help him communicate the essence of his brand across channels – from website to packaging.

We created a unique font by asking Ole to carve out the alphabet in his own homegrown potatoes. The letters were transferred to canvas, digitized, and exported as the OpenType font “Ole’s Potatoes”.

12 stripes surround the Ole’s Gård logo. A stripe for each month in the year to symbolize the seasonal nature of Ole’s goods.

The new identity is instantly recognizable. Whether on a jar of homemade chocolate butter or a wood-fired pizza box, it conveys the very essence of the brand: homemade and high-quality.


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