You recognize it when it’s there. And when it’s not. It has the power to make you laugh, cry, or wonder. It might even get you talking, sharing, dreaming, or finally taking action. And yet often, it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what ‘it’ is.

We simply call it the glow of a brand.

It’s the essence of what sets a brand apart – what makes it attractive, famous, and lively, and ultimately, what makes it grow. It takes strategic rigor, creative curiosity, and multidisciplinary teams to bring a brand’s glow to life.

And that’s what we do.

Silvan / Brand platform

Why build when you can create?

Mit DK / Branding campaign

Say hello to the friendly face of digital post

Muskelsvindfonden — Pærfekt / Campaign

One word is worth a thousand pictures

OK / Branding campaign

The chance of you not knowing OK is now less than 5%

Silvan / Concept & Identity / Packaging

Private label created with care

Salling Group / Brand identity

New identity creates a solid foundation for Salling Group

Ole's Gård / Visual Identity

The world's first potato-based visual identity

Healthcare Denmark / Virtual showroom

Nation of Health goes digital

Friland / Campaign

Data-driven cow art puts Friland on the map

Hyundai / Campaign

Audio-based short stories help Hyundai connect with consumers

Djurs Sommerland / Brand communication

Welcome to the magical world of Djurs Sommerland


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