Zupa agency studio in Copenhagen
Zupa agency studio in Copenhagen

About us

We make brands glow

ZUPA is in the business of making brands glow. Short and sweet. Glow is what sets a brand apart and makes it attractive, famous, and memorable. What makes you talk. Or shuts you up. We’re 80 people dedicated to this ambition. A diverse group of skills and mindsets, who believe in the power of a multidisciplinary approach to unleash a brand’s true potential.

Any brand can grow, but making it glow is a completely different story – and we love to write these new chapters with clients who are as ambitious on behalf of their brand and their business as we are.

ZUPA is part of Spring Family – one of Denmark’s largest advertising groups with +500 employees across five countries and 11 offices.

Our Work

So, what does glow look like in the real world? Well, that depends on the challenge at hand, the insights we unearth, and a creative process that’s anything but boring. To give you an idea, we’ve put together a selection of works that capture the essence of what we do – and what we can do for you if given the chance. Enjoy.

Glow in action

Selected clients