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APM Terminals

How to run a tight SoMe ship

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Peter Enevoldsen

Chief Commercial Officer & Partner


(+45) 6122 2644

Signe Sundbæk Ahler

Digital Account Manager


(+45) 9215 1547

When APM Terminals, a global leader in port infrastructure, asked us to help boost their social media presence, we knew it would take more than just bright and shiny visuals.

So, we decided to develop a comprehensive social media toolkit, including optimized visual identity, messaging framework, and governance guidelines. Then, we set up a dynamic content calendar and implemented biweekly editorial meetings to involve the right people in content planning and creation.

This combination of creative communication and strategic planning worked like a charm. Today, both the impact of individual posts and consistency across platforms have radically improved, creating a powerful SoMe presence that gets noticed in the industry.

APM Terminals
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